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As Elsa in Ibsen in Chicago - Seattle Repertory Theatre

“Ruwe makes for the perfect foil to Potter and an even better love interest to McLinden as the chemistry between the three of them is palpable.”

Jay Irwin, Broadway World

“When Potter, as Helga, dishes it out, feisty Ruwe as Elsa, gives it right back.”

Starla Smith, Queen Anne News

"Elsa (Hannah Ruwe) is the young, preternaturally gifted actress who’s seemingly been engineered to throw Helga into fits of jealousy. (She does.)"

Dusty Somes, Seattle Times 

Ibsen in Chicago.jpg

Photo by Alan Alabastro

As Emma in Grand Concourse - Seattle Public Theatre 

Oscar is attracted to, then repulsed by Emma after he learns she’s not who she claims to be — a charade that nearly destroys her relationships in the kitchen. And later, in Ruwe’s persuasively mercurial portrayal, this sincere yet careless kid delivers a more jolting betrayal that is much harder to excuse.”

Misha Berson, Seattle Times 

“The two women have the meatiest roles and Hannah Ruwe is very good as the mysteriously layered student with a lot of secrets to reveal…”

Seattle Gay Scene

“Ruwe, who blew me away in a very small and quiet role in the aforementioned "On Clover Road", tackles the role of Emma with tons of heart and an air of longing making her sympathetic even in the face of some questionable actions.”

Jay Irwin, Broadway World


Seattle Public Theatre

As Margo in The Diary of Anne Frank - Indiana Repertory Theatre & Seattle Children's Theatre

“You can feel the panic as Hannah Ruwe slowly breaks down while playing her sister, Margot.”

Jay Irwin, Broadway World


Photo by Zach Rosing 

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